StrikeMaster Lite-Flite Lazer Drill Unit 8"

This is how you ice troll! The StrikeMaster® Lite-Flite Lazer™ Ice Drill Unit is a lightweight, extra-tough attachment that turns your professional-quality 18V cordless drill into an extremely mobile, high-powered ice auger. Armed with this lightweight assembly, you can drill your ice fishing holes in quick succession, to follow and intercept a school of fish or set a path to thoroughly work a dropoff. Its heavy-duty steel hex shaft features a reinforced T-connection for maximum strength and drilling torque; the full-length segmented flight is molded from unique synthetic resins. Power Point starter pin; twin chrome-alloy stainless steel Lazer blades deliver smooth, clean cuts through both fresh and refrozen ice. For use with handheld drill with 1/2" chuck or any StrikeMaster power head.