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Lure Lock Ultra Thin Box LL1T-4

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Shaving some height off the original Lure Lock Tackle Box for a slimmer profile, the Lure Lock Tackle Box Large Thin 4 Cavity allows you to store a generous number of lures without taking up as much space in your boat. Featuring a proprietary gel coating along the bottom of each box, the gel coating provides a sticky surface that holds your lures in place and prevents them from sliding around. This system helps protect the paint finish on your hardbaits from damage and keep your terminal tackle from tangling and mixing into different compartments. The gel is also scent-free and won’t leave any residue on your lures.

Customizable to your liking, the Lure Lock Tackle Box Large Thin 4 Cavity comes with easy snap dividers that provide a clean edge and don’t require the use of a knife or scissors to create 4-20 possible compartments. Ideal for thinner profiled baits, the Lure Lock Tackle Box Large Thin 4 Cavity eliminates wasted space and keeps your tackle more organized and protected. 

14” x 9” x 1-3/8”

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