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Gloomis Crankbait Series

Brand: G. Loomis

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For years, manufacturers have pushed fiberglass rods for crankbaits, claiming graphite rods are too stiff and react too fast to effectively fish a crankbait. That's a fair statement because fiberglass is softer and much slower reacting. Our philosophy is, why not use the dynamic features of graphite (sensitivity, extreme light weight, faster recovery, etc.) to make a really good, responsive crankbait rod. Material is only one part of the formula, but in the case of our crankbait rods, design is the most important aspect. Our unique ”fiber-blend” technology allows us to create cranking rods with all of the advantages of graphite in addition to a nice soft action that's a lot lighter than its fiberglass counterpart and far less tiring to cast over the course of a day. Additionally, they are much more sensitive, which gives you a huge advantage and you get a rod that will react quick enough to help keep the line tight when a fish makes a sudden, unexpected move. The bottom line is more fish in the boat, with less effort.