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13 Fishing Creed K Spinning Reel

Brand: 13 Fishing

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From keeping your grip to maintaining your edge, the One3 Creed K Spinning Reel is a new breed of spinning reel. Evolve Soft Touch Knobs provide comfort and ensure a good grip when fighting the big ones. The Strong Arm one-piece aluminum handle is tough and provides precision tolerances to eliminate unwanted wiggle. Inconsistent drags break lines and hearts, so the Creed K utilizes a 6 Disc drag that puts out a silky smooth 8 –11 pounds of drag (1000-2000 8lbs/ 3000-4000 11lb). Like its proven baitcasting cousins, the ONE3 Creed K Spinning Reel is built with precision components, updated technology and engineering.

Model Weight OZ Line Capacity Max Drag (LB) Bearings Gear Ratio
Creed K 1000


4/160, 6/130 8 7SS + 1RB 5.2:1
Creed K 2000 8.5 6/195, 8/130 8 7SS + 1RB 5.2:1
Creed K 3000 9.4 8/200, 10/170 11 7SS + 1RB 5.2:1