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Balzout Fish Finder Mount Black

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The strongest and sturdiest mounts on the market. Made from machined aircraft grade aluminum each mount pivots in exactly 30 degree increments to give you multiple STURDY options for viewing your screen. 

How It Works:

BalZout brackets typically consist of 5 componets: a base, two knuckle joints, a connecting arm and a mounting plate. 

-Each joint has a positive locking ball and socket mechanism, get them tight and they won't budge!

-A spring pocket at each knob allows the joints to be moved when loosened, but keeps enough pressure to hold position for easy adjustment.

-Each stud is longer than the spring travel, so if a joint needs to be disconnected for any reason the knob won't be sprung into the water. 

Round Base: 3.75" Diameter

Unit Height:

4" unit: Up to 6.5" vertical (from deck to bottom of gimbal) or 6.5" horizontal (from center of base to center of gimbal)


6" unit: Up to 8.5" vertical (from deck to bottom of gimbal) or 8.5" horizontal (from center of base to center of gimbal)


9" unit: Up to 11.5" vertical (from deck to bottom of gimbal) or 11.5" horizontal (from center of base to center of gimbal)

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