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Bagley Pro Sunny B

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Designed to put a larger "pro sized" fast-action balsa wood bait into the hands of anglers looking to find the big mamas. The new for 2018 square lip Bagley Pro Sunny B is a precision weighted lure that casts easily and gets to a consistent 5-6 foot running depth every time. This bait has a higher body profile with tremendous buoyancy but also has a deliberately designed tighter action for when fish are more docile. Equipped with a square lip to allow you to work it in heavy cover and around laydowns - where we all know the big ones hang out.

Length Weight Depth Hooks
3'' 1/2 oz 5-6' 2

Fish it in 5-6 feet of water around rocks and laydowns. Use light line to emphasis its tight action and buoyancy. Allow its sturdy square lip to deflect off structure and pull them out of the big fish hiding places.


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