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AccuSharp Diamond Sharpening Steel

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Fast Honing

A good steel is indispensable for efficiently keeping your kitchen knives sharp, and an AccuSharp Sharpening Steel is an excellent choice for fast honing. The long-lasting grooved steel rod will quickly realign the edge of any knife in just a few strokes. Maintaining a honed edge is easy with a steel like this.

Comfortable and Safe

The rubber handle is large, slip resistant and easy to hold. The collar guard is amply sized to keep hands protected, and a generous hole in the handle makes for easy storage.

Choose 9" or 14"

A good rule of thumb is that a sharpening steel should be at least as long as the longest knife you need to hone. Of course having a steel that is longer than your knife never hurts, but one that is too short will not be as convenient. Depending on your needs, the AccuSharp Steel is available in a 9" or a 14" length. Whichever you choose, this is a practical steel.

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